Thursday, 22 September 2016

"Clea and Larrimer", my first Urban Fantasy artwork, done for author Vicki Stiefel

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Lately I have been working on several covers - and unfortunately cannot reveal any of them, yet

And this is one of my latest artworks - my first on the Urban Fantasy genre - which i did for a lovely author friend, Vicki Stiefel. I am very proud of this work, because it was both a challenge and a joy. The challenging part would be to make something "visually interesting and fitting for the genre", a genre which I had never worked with before. And it turned out that the process was fun. Vicki was very careful in guiding me about the physical aspects f her characters and the environment they should be represented, not to mention she is a brilliant human being, very kind and friendly.

I love the colors of this piece and how the characters fit so well together, not because I've painted it, but the vision Vicki had in mind was powerful.

These are Clea and Larrimer, the protagonists of Chest of Bone, her novel coming on February 2017, the first of The Afterworld Chronicles. You can read the first Chapter and learn more about the story HERE.
Look at this gorgeous logo!
If you are a fan of Urban Fantasy, this may be a nice read for your winter! Stay tuned, visit Vick Stiefel's website to learn more about her work.

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