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Interview & Spotlight with Gisele Walko - indie author of Interracial / Paranormal Romance

Gisele Walko is a very nice author and writer friend I met through GoodReads and I have read two of her books: Wolf Girl finds necRomance (Multi-Racial Monsters Book 1) and The Vampire and the Necromancer: An out of Sequence Love Story. 

Both stories were packed with romance, supernatural elements and crispy humour! I really like her writing style, I prefer much more a universal POV than first person, since it feels like a more natural reading style for me.

So these days, I invited her for a short interview here on the blog and am now sharing with you her answers. Get to know more about Gisele and her great works!

1 - When did you start writing? And what made you decide to publish your first book?
I always talked about writing a book one day, and had several characters and ideas just living in my head, and then one day my husband said, “Try writing.  Why wait?”  So I did, and I love to write!  I’m glad I gave it a try.  I decided to publish my first book to see if anyone else liked it, and I feel like the more diversity that gets put out into the world, the better.  It’s good to provide and have options of what to read.

2- You write stories featuring interracial couples. Can you share with the readers why you chose to do it? Do you think your stories help to reinforce the message against racism?
Interracial relationships, and children who are the product of interracial relationships, reflect my own personal experience.  I imagine that most people who read my books are already pretty open-minded, but if I could reach someone, and make them a little less racist, that would be quite an achievement.

3 – You have vampires, necromancers and werewolves  in the titles of your stories. What inspires you to write urban tales with supernatural characters?
I like fantasy and magic.  I devour almost any paranormal or horror show I can find.  My first two books: Wolf Girl finds Necromance and The Vampire and the Necromancer are more magical realism with lighter supernatural elements.  Beignets and Fangs is for adults with more graphic sex scenes and adult content, also heavier on the paranormal stuff.  Ethan and Michelle is about the parents of my other characters (Nova and Noah), but it’s without any supernatural elements.  That one is adults only, too.

4 – There is also a certain darkness in your supernatural interracial romance books. As author, do you like more dark or light moods?
It just depends on my mood.  I don’t ever mind reading or writing dark things, but I try to add humor to break up the heaviness and create balance.  Sometimes I just want to read or write fluff, sometimes I want to be unsettled.

5- Where do you get your inspiration from and which other authors or books you enjoy?
I get inspired by lots of books, movies, shows, and personal experiences.  I’ve read so many good authors lately, including yourself.  I won’t make a list because it would be too long, but my profile is open for anyone who wants to stalk my bookshelves.

6- What are you working on at the moment and what are your plans for the future as author?
I wrote a chapter to a follow up to my Ethan and Michelle book, in which Michelle gets pregnant at forty-five and Ethan is not pleased.  I wrote a lot of Fairy Girl in Dreamland (Noah and Ko’s story).  I’m also toying with ideas for a love story for Sani, from Wolf Girl finds necRomance.  He did want to do better even though he was a possessive psycho.

7- How do you find your readers and what people who is new to your work can expect from your books?
I find readers on Goodreads through the groups of people who like to read what I like.  I have also met some fabulous readers/writers through Librarything giveaways.  Those new to my work should know that my style of choice is alternating POVs written in first person present (That’s not everyone’s cup of tea), kind of a stream of consciousness style.  The relationships will be interracial, or the main characters will be biracial or multiracial.
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