Thursday, 13 October 2016

Review: The Night of Elisa @ Ginger Nuts of Horror

Ginger Nuts of Horror is an excellent page where you find articles, interviews, reviews of fiction and movies and a lot more of cool stuff related to Horror and Dark  entertainment. 

Do you want to know what Ginger Nuts of Horror said about The Night of Elisa? You can read the awesome review HERE.

Thank you Jim and Co! You guys rock! :)

Here are some bits of the review:

The Night of Elisa is a powerful and evocative adult gothic fairytale with a strong emotional core to the story.
The Night of Elisa is a deeply satisfying read a clever love story wrapped up in an extraordinary world ripe for a Tim Burton film treatment.  
Well, needless to say, as the creator of this work, it is very rewarding to have this kind of feedback, specially from someone as influential as Jim and his website... I truly feel like I have won a big prize :D

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